BB-1 & BB-2 ((Billet box Cup Holder))

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2.87 Ounces
3.87 (in)
3.34 (in)
3.87 (in)

The Billet Buddy is built to hold the Billet Box upright and fits in your vehicles cup holder The Billet Buddy 1 holds 1 Billet Box and 1 30ml unicorn style bottle of liquid or a single 18650 battery and is 2.67 inches @ the bottom ....The Billet Buddy 2  is a little larger then the version 1 @ 3 inches on the bottom so ((please make sure your cup holder will accommodate the larger size)) and it holds 1 Billet Box 2 18650 Batteries And a 30ml unicorn bottle ((((ATTENTION)))) due to the nature of 3D printing there may be artifacts or blemishes on the surface of these items that can be sanded smooth if you choose to do so.